The practical driving test

The driving test is designed to see if you are able to drive a car safely and in different traffic and road conditions. The driving test will also determine whether or not you have a good knowledge of the Highway Code. If you do successfully show these all the way through your driving test then you will pass.

There isn’t a minimum number of driving lessons that you must take before you can take your driving test, or the hours of practicing. There are also no pass or fail quotas. Continue reading

Driving Licence – The Theory Test

What is a driving theory test?

Well it’s quite straightforward really. If you want to ride a motorcycle or drive a car then you’ll need to pass a driving theory test in order to do so along with passing the practical driving test. You’ll need to pass your theory driving test before you can do your practical test.

You must have a provisional driving license to be able to take the theory test. Continue reading

How to become a driving instructor

become a driving instructor

The moment we decide that we want to learn to drive will see many questions crop up in our minds and the first one is probably, who is going to teach me? Well of course family members and family friends can and do offer practical help and advice when it comes to learning to drive but the tried and tested route is always via a driving instructor. Continue reading